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Vodafone Launches Chocka Naked 200GB Plan for Australia

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Vodafone is going big with broadband plans with its latest ‘Chocka Naked’ 200 GB broadband plan in Australia. With this latest offering it unveiled earlier this week, the company goes on to join the large cap broadband players’ club.

The Chocka Naked plan offers 200 GB of data at a price of $105 per month – users having a Vodafone on-account mobile plan will only have to shell out $75 for this plan. They also have the option of getting the ‘double data’ plan for $40, which would give them up to 400 GB per month. Vodafone on-account customers can avail of this offer for a cost of $115.

Naked broadband technology provides ADSL internet connectivity via copper, and differs from the usual ADSL by providing customers the option of only data, and no landline/voice capabilities. Naked broadband connections are ideal for customers looking for just an internet connection, without landline facilities. Even those looking for a dedicated data line could consider opting for naked broadband connections.

All of Vodafone’s broadband plans being offered come with a free modem. If you are looking in the market for a new naked broadband plan, here are a few others that you can also consider – Orcon’s Unlimited plan at $99/month, Slingshot’s Unlimited plan at $70/month, and Naked Ultimate at $90/month.

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