VidyoWay is an effective, software-based solution that lets you connect multiple video conferencing systems together for providing multi-party and even multi-vendor video conferencing capabilities at no cost. Launched by startup Vidyo, this solution complements the company’s flagship service, VidyoConferencing. While at an initial glance, VidyoWay may look like direct competition to Skype, ooVoo, and similar systems, the magic of VidyoWay lies in its ability to provide connectivity across personal devices of users such as smartphones, PCs, and corporate video conferencing systems like Cisco, LifeSize and Polycom.

Going beyond providing video conferencing between point-to-point setups, VidyoWay lets up to 9 HD participants video conference at a time, no matter what technology they are using. Think of it like video conferencing in a cloud – you can do it on the move, instead of being stuck in a meeting room in office where the VC equipment is kept. Using Vidyo’s Click-to-Connect capability, even legacy systems can be connected for video conferencing purposes. VidyoWay provides a great way for mobile users, working out of remote locations, to also participate in VC calls.

The company plans to keep this service as a free offering, and would most likely use VidyoWay as a great marketing aid to promote their lucrative and popular VidyoConferencing system. Great for small businesses that would find it challenging to make significant investments in procuring expensive VC equipment, VidyoWay could probably increase corporate world’s use of video conferencing for communication. Especially in the present era of having an increasingly global workforce, VidyoWay is sure to find ample takers.

VidyoWay goes all out to preserve the privacy of its users, ensuring that individual users cannot directly connect to each other, but can connect only to a shared “meeting place”. It is secure, conveniently accessible through multiple devices and systems, and is available absolutely free. For trial, companies can pre-register on Vidyo’s website to get a sneak peek into this interconnecting VC system.

Vidyo provides video conferencing solutions at a corporate level and even powers popular services like Google+’s Hangout. With VidyoWay, the company intends to promote widespread adoption of video conferencing by eliminating poor quality in video transmission, high costs and cumbersome connection challenges.

Vidyo is quite the upcoming startup, having raised close to $100 million already, and it also enjoys a strategic partnership with Juniper Networks, a top network equipment manufacturing company. Headquartered in Hacckensack, New Jersey, the firm is just over 200 employees, and uses patented technologies to provide quality video conferencing capabilities over the internet, without burning a hole in the pocket.