Vessyl is all set to introduce a new cup to the market and assess the calorie count of your liquid automatically. The cup counts the calorie on its own as soon as any kind of liquid beverage is poured into it, be it coffee, juice or any other carbonated beverage. The sensing technology used in the starts to break the fluid and bring it into molecular level for identifying its type and measure the calorie.

 Vessyl Cup Counts Liquid Calorie AutomaticallyBest thing is the cup can easily differentiate between different brands of beverage like Coke or Pepsi and offers a complete caloric count, which includes, total, caffeine sodium, protein, fat and sugar in grams.

Once the calorie count is done, the cup easily connects with any Android or iPhone app in any mobile phones, via Bluetooth technology and uses the hydration estimate portal Pryme to update user about his progress toward his goal. It also recommends healthier choices to the user by the help of this portal.

The device not just count calories smartly but also comes with a spill proof lid, non-stick interior as well as coaster-like charger, making it a good choice for travelers as well. The cup is reported to be available at $199 retail price once it is available sometimes later this year. Though the cup is expected to be a great buy, we need to wait for some more time to get users feedback.