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Vertu Aster In A ‘Mid-Range’ Phone Priced At £4,200

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Nokia’s subsidiary company Vertu AsterVertu, which is known for its exclusive phones, has made some significant changes to its pricing recently. They have launched the Vertu Aster priced at $6,900. The brand known for its high-end handsets, which includes the Vertu Ti priced at $10,600, says this is their first mid-tier phone.

Even though Vertu Aster is known to have a lower price tag, it is considered a better device when compared to Vertu Ti. Vertu Aster features a 2.3GHz quad-core Snapdragon 801 processor and a display screen of 4.7-inch.

This phone also includes a 5.1-inch 117 carat sapphire crystal cover. The memory storage capacity is 64GB and it comes with a primary camera of 13MP and front camera of 2.1MP. It also includes a battery of 2,275mAh battery and is well-featured with front-facing stereo speakers.

The sapphire screen or the brushed titanium frame is a premium feature. However, with this model, you would be getting it at an affordable rate. It includes 6 months of Vertu’s ‘Classic Concierge’ service.

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