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Verizon Vacation Blackout Roundup Rumors of iPhone 5 Coming Sep. 21…

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There have been plenty of rumors regarding the launch of Apple iPhone 5. And to add more, here’s the latest in the list. Verizon (VZ) has reportedly told all its employees to cancel the vacation time from Sep. 21st until Sep. 30th due to the release of the next-generation iPhone 5.

An important source from VZ has told TechCrunch that Verizon has forbidden its entire retail staff to ask for any vacation days during that period, in anticipation of customers lining up at the store to buy the latest smartphone.

This news coincides with a report from last week that revealed that AT&T was also preparing for the late-September launch of new iPhone by blacking out the vacation days of its employees.

The closing off of vacations by the carriers indeed conclude to the fact that they are preparing for something big, and hence the launch of next iPhone.

So far, there have been many reports indicating that Apple plans to hold an event on Sep. 12 to unveil the iPhone 5, and probably iPad Mini too.

As per rumors, iPhone 5 is expected to have a longer (but not wider) 4-inch screen, a unibody design with metal on the back, and LTE 4G connectivity. But, only time will tell what more this latest and innovative smartphone will offer.

There have also been recent reports that Apple will open up pre-orders for the new iPhone on Sep. 12 as well. The reports have also hinted that September 21 would mark the day for the next generation of smartphone- iPhone 5.

Now it is only a matter of time, whether iPhone 5 will actually hit off the shelves this Sep or anytime later or sooner.

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