Push Bullet is much more than a notification application. It not only sends and receives notifications across multiple devices such as PC and smartphones but also lets the users send and receive content from their computer and smartphones.

Push-bullet- How to transfer the files

All you have to do is to download the app from Google Play store and sign in using Using push bullet to receive notifications across multiple devices your e-mail account. One of its best features is that this app works perfectly on iOS devices as well.  The users can send messages, web URL or a file to their devices. After this the app will ask you to download Chrome, Firefox or Opera on your device and computer. If you want to share any file using push bullet, then click on it and go to share option and select “share using push bullet”. A notification will pop up asking you to select the device to which you want to share the content. Just select from the list of devices you have added during the set up to complete the process.

Easiest way to transfer files

The easiest way to transfer a photo a file is by using push bullet to send it on your computer. It will also save you the time of rushing through your e-mail or Dropbox accounts. You can even use quick beam feature to view the picture in full quality. Push bullet also allows the users to edit and touch up images from their smartphones or tablets. Another remarkable feature of push bullet is that it can be easily integrated with some of the best web services such as Zapier, IFTTT and even TASKER.

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