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Apple iPhone’s Hidden Features Revealed

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Apple iPhone has always maintained an unfazed popularity in the market, despite  the competition posed by different smartphone manufacturers. Now, it appears that the iPhone lovers have more reason to rejoice as some hidden features of this new phone have recently come into notice.

Useful features on Apple iPhone that users often miss Snap pictures with headphones

Taking a picture with the iPhone placed on a tripod has become much easier now with the official headphone of Apple. Just press the volume-up button for a moment and it will snap pictures using the camera app. Pictures can also snapped by pressing the volume buttons located at the iPhone’s side.

 HDR photo

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Hit the HDR button after opening the camera app and take better quality images. By putting on the HDR mode, you will get three copies of the same image and can store the one that you find the best. It is excellent for pictures taken in low lights.

Shake and undo

To undo a typed message or mail, just shake the iPhone and get the Undo option. This works with default apps, mails as well as imessage.

Read receipt

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Now, allow your friends to know, when you read their messages by checking on the Send Read Receipt option under the Message settings.

Text Message Alert

 Now, use LED flash of your iPhone for alerting about incoming message if you think that the chime or vibration is not good enough. LED flash option is there in the Accessibility menu of the phone.

 Keyboard shortcut

Now, get customized shortcuts for the phrases, words or email addresses you frequently use in your phone. To create, just go to Keyboard settings from General and then Add New Shortcut. 

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