According to a report published in Washington Post on Sunday, the White House is considering taking action via sanctions against entities and companies located in China that have seen benefits arising from Chinese hacking of American trade secrets.  While the report does not cite any specific names or sources backing such a step, it did go on to state that talks about whether the sanctions must be initiated are on in full swing.

The Complete Story

Lately, there have been numerous suspicions on China-based hackers to have breached a lot of sensitive US data. This had purportedly led to issues between the economies of USA and China. The timing of such an issue could not have been worse given that Xi Jinping, the President of China is set to visit the US in September.

What Obama Says?

Administrative officials from the Obama government have stated how China is a top suspect in a hacking case that has caused a compromise in records of more than 4.2 million employees- current and former.  When quizzed on the same, an official from White House official chose to give no immediate comment. According to what President Obama told to Reuters, sometime back, the administration “is pursuing a comprehensive strategy to confront such actors.”