Social media and electionsDiving deeper into the social media, campaigning for elections has now got a new meaning. With the increasing Internet trend and rising users on the Web, presidential candidates have now started their campaigns using social media such as Tumblr, Facebook, Spotify, and Twitter, which targets all young voters, who spend hours on the Web daily.

Various political candidates are now posting the form of remixed photos and quirky videos in a bid to connect to wide base of young voters.

As per reported in the NY Times, Tumblr users got the first dose of presidential debate, which started on Wednesday, with Mr. Obama’s team using a vague clip of Lindsay Lohan saying, “It’s October 3” in the comedy “Mean Girls.”

And on Twitter, Mitt Romney’s bodyguard posted a picture of the candidate’s family playing Jenga before the debate.

The techniques may be relatively new, but they started in 2008 with presidential elections using networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Many people feel that the more these candidates connect to people, the more chances they get of receiving the votes.

All parties can rely on putting up photos, slogans and videos. They just need to assure it’s concise, gripping, and meaningful. This online initiative does seem to a good way to establish two-way communication among candidates and voters.