Monday, July 15, 2024

US Carriers Move Into Stiff Price War Even As Profits Set For Sharp Decline

Mobile companies such as AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile in the United States seem to be having a harrowing time even as they continue to compete with each other in an increasingly competitive network carrier market. Indeed, this rivalry has created a lot of flutter at the Wall Street as it fears that the profits from this industry could see a sharp decline as competition heats up between various network operators.

T-Mobile in US followed some aggressive tactics for months to entice customers using other network carriers. Also, the country’s second largest operator AT&T was not one to be left behind as it offered to pay its customers handsomely for switching to AT&T to T-Mobile. Following this, Sprint Corp, ranked 3rd in the US, started offering heavy discounts on friend and family groups. T-Mobile took the battle one step further by announcing that it would be paying an astronomical exit cost to all those who convert to T-Mobile.

Aggressive marketing done by AT&T and Sprint come on the heels of the recent steps taken by T-Mobile, an industry dawdler for a long time, reported customer growth of three full quarters after it faced losses for four consecutive years.

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