US-based mobile accessories manufacturer Zagg has entered the Indian market in association with Brilyant and Croma. Brilyant works with manufacturers to provide country-wide distribution of consumer electronics.

With the help of its new partners in India, Zagg will be introducing a host of products such as audio accessories, power banks, bases, keyboards and screen guards for buyers. These accessories will be available within a price range of Rs. 699 to Rs. 9999. Their products cover a number of phones and tablets.

Strong collaborations

As of now, the company will have 18,000 sale points and their products would be sold by Croma. This association has also come through Brilyant.

Zagg managing director Chris Ahern has great hopes from this venture and said that the company will make a constant endeavor to enhance and elevate the standard of mobile available in India.

Speaking about the success of the deal, Brilyant CEO Suresh Reddy said that they are confident of delivering Zagg products across the country so that it becomes a popular choice in a short span of time.