Friday, June 2, 2023
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Upgraded Aakash 2 Available at a Price of Rs. 1,132

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The makers of the world’s cheapest tablet, Datawind, in association with the Human Resources Development Ministry of the Government of India unveiled the upgraded version of their first offering on Sunday – the Aakash 2. With the vision to make quality education affordable for every Indian, the tablet will be available for schools at a subsidized price of Rs. 1,132.
Datawind CEO, Suneet Singh Tuli, emphasized on the importance of keeping the costs low to make the tablet accessible to a wide range of customers. Aakash 2 was designed to encourage learning among kids in all environments and realize the full potential of the tablet. Reacting to allegations of a co-panelist comments calling the tablet a toy, Tuli said that he wished that every child would find the tablet as fun and engaging as a toy.
Datawind will sell the tablets to the HRD Ministry at a cost of Rs. 2,263 and the Centre will make these devices available at 50 percent subsidy to educational institutions all across the country. Tuli remained hopeful that the launch of Aakash 2 will drive competitors to also bring down the prices of their offerings to make the technology more accessible to all.

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