Samsung has released the Android 4.1.2 update for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. It comes with many improvements including bug fixes and tweaks to improve performance. For those who haven’t received the Over The Air update notification, it is probably because your device’s serial number. Don’t worry, because you can also find the update on Kies, the Samsung desktop PC suite. And for those who still can’t get their hands on the update, fret not, you can manually update your phone.

The steps to do this can be found online easily. You will need to download certain files on to your PC first, but they are all available on the official Android forums. In addition you can also find step by step advice on how to update you device as well as help with trouble shooting. Remember to make sure that you use the appropriate software that is compatible with your device or you run the risk of bricking it. Also make sure that your phone has at least 80% battery before ever trying to update the software of root your phone.

Update your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with the Android 4.1.2 update and improve your phones performance and handling.