It is hardly six months that Google Nexus 5 is released but rumors are already floating Update on Google Nexus 6 Release Date and Designabout its successor Nexus 6. The seed of this rumor is planted by Sundar Pichai, Senior Vice President of Google, himself. At the World Mobile Congress in February he discussed about the next smartphone from the house of Google.

Pichai just said that the smartphone is not going to release in the first half of 2014 and nothing else. However, this led people to speculate that Nexus 6 would be launched towards the end of the year. Some other sources believe that Google would announce Nexus 6 in October and shall be available for sale from November. This is based on the fact that all other previous Nexus phones were launched in October.

People are expected to know more about the exact release date and specifications as the time gets nearer. Google may also surprise the public with a novel launch strategy, which it is quite capable of doing. Last time, Google decided to announce the launch of Nexus 5 and Android 4.4v KitKat OS through its blog and on the Google Play Store. This time Google can do the same or decide on a new strategy.

It is rumored that LG would manufacture Google Nexus 6 and thus there is a high chance that the phone would look similar to LG G3. If not that Nexus 6 is definitely going to have a different design since Google always choose unique design for all its smartphones. There is nothing more that can be said about Nexus 6 but it can definitely be said that many are looking forward to own the device.

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