With the month of September coming closer, the web is splurging with the rumors of new Apple iPhone model, almost every now and then. While the hype regarding the new phone is quite high, a recent Bloomberg report increased the interest further by stating that the upcoming model will include Force Touch feature.

Upcoming Apple iPhone to include Force Touch technology iPhone 6S or iPhone 7

 According to the Bloomberg report, the production for this year’s iPhone handset has already started and after using ForceTouch in MacBook as well as Apple Watch, the company has decided to include it in the iPhone as well. While the inclusion of ForceTouch is a cause of rejoice for the Apple lovers, the reports also have it that the new handset will not deviate much from the existing phone models of 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch. Yet, it can be a bit thicker than the current models but that would not compromise with the aesthetics of the handset.

As the new handset is not reported to include loads of new features, the company is

expected to name it as 6S and not 7. However, to get the confirmed reports on the launch or the features that the new phone would include, people will have to wait for the official confirmation of the company or till fall, when Apple usually introduces its new handsets. 

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