With September approaching, iPhone fans are glued to the web to know the release date and model name of the next Apple phone. Though initially rumored as iPhone 7, the latest report suggest that the new offering will be  iPhone 6S or 6 Plus. If the naming patterns of the previous models are followed it will be quite clear that right from iPhone 3GS, the company has not directly moved to the next number without releasing S or Plus version.

 Upcoming Apple iPhoneApple iphone 6S or 7- Speculations are on the rise

Apart from the model name, the specifications of the upcoming handset are also being speculated by iPhone lovers, even though rumors suggest the phone to include Force Touch and high quality camera features. Some cosmetic changes are also expected to be present in the upcoming handset even if it does not have some remarkable difference from the existing model.

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 Release date

Checking the previous releasing pattern of iPhones, people are also quite inquisitive to know whether Apple will release it on September 7, Monday or on September 9, Wednesday, as the company prefers to make releases in the middle of the week. Though there is no confirmation from the company, leaked email of Vodafon suggest the releasing date to be September 9 and it will be available on sale from September 25, while pre-orders will be accepted from September 25.