Rolling in success, HTC One has been in the market for quite sometime now. In a move that’s surprising, HTC has currently increased the price of unlocked version of its flagship device by $25, making the smartphone available in the HTC Store for $599.99.
There is no official word regarding the reason behind this price rise. However, some believe it could be related to match the price of upcoming Nexus edition HTC One, which is slated for June 26 release for $599.99 on Google Play.
This issue of price difference could have been avoided if HTC would have decided to retail the Google Edition of its HTC One for $574.99 that’s the price of the regular version. Maybe HTC initiated this move to stay in the same league as the Samsung Galaxy S4 NE, which is expected to cost around $649.
However, adding an extra $25 won’t really stop fans of HTC One to grab the stylish and beautiful device. What do you think of this rise? Would you still buy HTC One for $599.99??