Twoo, newest social networking site is finding itself in trouble as its users are complaining that the service sends unwanted messages to its entire friend list. However, Lorenz Bogaet, co-founder and CEO has tried to put himself and the company in the safe spot by stating that this is a misunderstanding and that company is working on it.

Users who have been using the mobile app service are of the view that the design of the app is complicated and it seems that it has been kept that way intentionally. Major problem is that it automatically selects the entire address book and sends messages.

What twoo’s interface does is that it auto-selects all the friends in the list, worst is that it does not have a deselect option, so the user has to unselect manually. Without any doubts, there is some problem with the software as the ‘connect’ button pings all the contacts and the ‘next’ button sends messages to all in the friend list. Furthermore, the orange outline outside contacts is designed to tell the user if the contact is selected, but this function doesn’t work as the app auto-selects all the contacts.

Not only the mobile app but the browser version also has problems. Users are complaining that the site just displays seven contacts. There is no scroll bar in that section, which can be used to witness all contacts. With all these problems, twoo definitely needs to improve to get popular among users.