In a blog post by the online social networking site and microblogging service- Twitter, the firm made an announcement of introducing a new email newsletter, which will offer users suggestions about following people they already know such as classmates, friends or colleagues.

As per written in the blog, Twitter says,

This weekly email highlights a handful of people you may know who use Twitter. You can choose to follow any of the suggested people and you can find more people you may know on Suggestions are based on signals like who your friends follow and the contact information imported by people you know. For example, if several people you know follow someone, you may also know them and want to follow them too. There’s no telling who you might find on Twitter, so open this weekly message for an ongoing source of great accounts to follow.

However, those who do not wish to receive suggestions from Twitter can change their email notification settings by logging into their user account.

This is something, which Twitter always offered on the site, but maybe that wasn’t picking up enough traction. Initiating Email Newsletter could surely be a great way to get users back to the service with excitement.