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Twitter’s Jack Dorsey Confesses Hacking a Firm’s Email Server for Job

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Jack Dorsey, founder of Twitter had a confession to make on the stage at the Techonomy Detroit. Dorsey surprised everyone when he revealed hacking into the email system of the world’s largest dispatch company to get a job.

The 35-year old entrepreneur said, “I was in college, and I really wanted to go into the dispatch industry.”

Dorsey said he grew up loving cities and loving maps, which converted into a fascination with dispatch software. He also said that some of his open source software for taxi companies is still in use.

As he found no contact information on the website of a dispatch company in New York, where he wanted to get a job, he said he hacked into it.

“So I found a hole in their web server and found their corporate emails. I emailed their chairman, told him there was a security hole, and said here’s how to fix it,” he said.

The next week Dorsey was on an airplane and guess what? He got the job.

Dorsey also talked about his fascination with New York. In fact, he even ports a not-so-secret dream to be the mayor of New York!

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