After Prince Harry’s objectionable photo fiasco, it is the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton who has joined the brigade of Twitter Mishaps. Her objectionable pictures, showing her sunbathing topless with Prince William in the south of France published by a French magazine, Closer, did rounds on the Social Media which led to Twitter users outrage. Hundreds of Twitter users condemned the French magazine for intruding the privacy of the young couple.

William and Kate, who were informed about the pictures today before they dropped in at the Assyakirin Mosque, viewed the snaps on the website. “They’re saddened their privacy has been breached – if it has been breached,” a source has been quoted as saying.

“We will talk to our lawyers in London and counterparts in Paris to see what options are available,” the source added. “We’re not aware of anyone (in the UK) seeking to publish so the Press Complaints Commission is not coming into it.”