Twitter users often struggle because there are some things that cannot be said in 140 characters. Knowing this need, the social media giant is supposedly designing a new platform that would let people write longer tweets, reports Re/code.

Twitter Rumored to Launch a New Product Allowing Users to Tweet LongerPlans to  increase character count

It seems Twitter executives are busy discussing how the character limit would be measured. They would probably stop considering user handles or links as characters. It will be interesting to see how they even come up with ideas to allow a higher character count without spoiling Twitter’s original feel.

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Struggling with competition

Twitter is trying hard to keep up with stiff competition and bring in a new user base. This move is probably one of the ways to fight with the situation. Reports suggest that Twitter’s second-quarter average monthly users grew in the most sluggish manner since it went public in 2013.

Nobody is sure how the new product would look like but to keep up with the growing struggle, Twitter must reconsider its character limit strategy.

New ways to develop interest

Twitter has been working on new ways to increase the interest of their users for quite some time now. They want people to spend more time tweeting and even engage in commercial activities.

The micro-blogging site has already removed the limit of 140 characters from its direct messages. It has also declared plans to have people make political donations and buy goods through their tweets. Business pages are being encouraged to advertise on Twitter.

While so many things are being discussed, a spokeswoman of the company declined to comment on any of these.