Twitter Buy ButtonOn Wednesday, Twitter declared that it would be partnering with retailers in US to sell their products via tweets. Willing buyers would need to click on the “Buy Now” button to purchase something in a jiffy. This step had to be taken by the company boost the growth of Twitter which is going downhill day in and day out.

The “Buy Now” feature was first launched in 2014 but to a small group of users in the USA. Twitter is now planning to release it to all users within America.

The micro blogging site has been working with e-commerce business houses like Demandware Inc, Bigcommerce and Shopify along with brands and retailers like Adidas AG, Best Buy Co Inc and PacSun.

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Payment would be done through Stripe Inc, a payment processing enterprise. It is to be noted that Twitter even struggled with direct response ads where people could click on a link or download an app.

Twitter also announced its plans to let people make political donations using Square. Square is a mobile payment firm run by Twitter’s interim chief executive Jack Dorsey.

There are a lot of things that Twitter has in its mind to enhance its growth. Only time will tell whether these steps turn out to be fruitful or not.