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Twitter ‘Advanced Search’ For Medical Resources

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COVID 19 cases in India have seen an unprecedented surge in last one week and people are turning to social media for help. As the country grapples in the second wave, social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have become trustworthy sources to find medical resources like hospital beds, oxygen cylinders, etc near them. Twitter India has recently launched new search filters that let users get relevant COVID-leads. The new Twitter Advanced Search feature enables users to filter Tweets depending on the resources they need. For example, users can search for a specific hashtag, and even Tweets from a particular account with this new Advanced Search.

The Advanced Search feature will help people find the latest information and access resources. Twitter India added, “All across the country, people are using Twitter to find the latest information and access to resources right now. As this people’s movement unfolds, we wanted to remind you of some of the features that could help you find what you’re looking for faster.”

Twitter is also offering an option in case users wish to see Tweets that are close to their location. To use this option, users need to put inrelevant hashtag in the search bar and tap the toggle button on the top right to turn on the “Near you” option. This feature will enable users to find exact information on time.

Social Media Turns Massiah

There is an acute shortage of hospital beds, oxygen supplies, blood plasma, and medicines across the country. To get relevant information, users have now moved on to social media seeking assistance by posting urgent requirements on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Users have flooding social platforms with appeals for urgent needs through posts, retweets, shares, and story uploads to help distressed citizens in several cities across the country. Then, there are people who are posting all the details regarding the availability to help others in distress.

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Healthcare professionals are also using social media platforms to make their voices heard. Dr. Sangita Reddy, Joint Managing Director at Apollo Hospitals Group recently tweeted, “In these times of uncertainty and fear what helps is the power of communication. Let’s open all channels of communication to reach out to teams, colleagues, families, our friends.” She has also requested the government to come forward and help in swift movement of oxygen cylinders to help patients suffering from the fatal virus.

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Stay Home, Stay Safe!

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