xbox one liveSony Playstation 4 came with a Twitch feature whereby users could stream their games live and compete. However, this feature came under a lot of controversy when users complained that they could record and screen themselves doing almost everything!

It seems makers of Xbox want to avoid these glitches and therefore, they are going slow on launching the Twitch feature. has recently tweeted that the Xbox One Direct broadcast could still be a ‘few months away’.

“There is no ETA at this time from Microsoft. Expect a few more months. If we know sooner, we’ll update,” a tweet from the company says. Microsoft has so far maintained that while Twitch broadcasting is important to them, they want to seamlessly integrate it into the Xbox One experience.

So, for all those who have been waiting for people to watch their gameplay live, it’s not happening very soon. We surely hope it will worth the wait!