Steve Kondik, a software engineer with Samsung and acclaimed founder of the CyanogenMod project, has announced that he was ready to move on to other projects after a long stint with the company’s aftermarket firmware. Before leaving, he had mixed opinions about the upcoming Galaxy S4.

In his own words, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is all ready to “blow the competition out of the water.”Kondik, has praised the feature and specifications of the device and has also held the Korean Company in high regard for making the  Touch Wiz interface all the more consistent and noteworthy. However, he had his own concerns about the operating system of the S4.

Steve has opined in his post on Google+, that the mere mention of the OS of the Galaxy S4 takes him back to the times of the Froyo days. This fully tabbed UI fails to compete with the contemporary benchmarked and nice touch-friendly ViewPagers. Users will also have to bear with an endless onslaught of modal ‘Loading…’ dialogs and popup windows.

Kondik was split over the treasure trove of features offered by the Samsung Galaxy S4. Along with the new camera quirks and hover preview, he had good words for the multi-window feature as well. However, he failed to be sure of the hyped-up eye-tracking tech features, which is expected to be seen in the Smart Scroll feature of the phone.