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Tossed In Tempting Features And Extensive Marketing Would Bestselling Samsung Galaxy S4 Take Over HTC One?

Samsung hits a sixer every time it arrives on pitch. Going by the previous highs in terms of Galaxy S2 and the Galaxy S3 sales, this time the Samsung Galaxy S4 could be in for a record. Turning the pages in the Samsung sales book back, we see that the S3 touched the 10 million mark in two months while its elder bro Galaxy S2 notched 10 million units in five months.

With the rapidly swelling sale wave, the Samsung Galaxy S3 could count 10 million and more in just a month from its lid being lifted. Digitimes said,” the Galaxy S4 has better features than the Galaxy S3, hence sales of the product are expected to exceed its predecessor.”

With 50 countries to welcome the Samsung Galaxy S4 at once, this is no Utopian theory but based on calculations and backed by facts. The makers are way ahead of HTC who are already grappled by supply issues for the HTC One. This could be a far cry for Samsung since it moulds all bones that go into the body of its smartphones—sensors, processors et al. However, we just hope that the giants don’t hit the over-demand counter as Apple often does with iPhone or iPad models.

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