After a mega frenzy to download the  iOS 7, Hackers say they have been able to access people’s personal data on iPhones due to a security glitch in Apple’s new iOS 7 software.

The breach allows hackers to access people’s phone content despite the introduction of fingerprint technology that claims to be the safest smartphone security system on the market. The problem appears to only be an issue with the iPhone 4S and 5 handsets.

Loads of eager tech fans immidiately complained of messages telling them: ‘An error occurred whilst downloading iOS 7.0’.

Aware of this issue, a fix in a future software update is certain. The new look OS had already earned a muddy name as users complained about difficulties downloading it. Users took to social media such as Twitter to express their frustration at the setback as ‘iOS 7.0’became a trending topic. Once able to download the high-tech new software users then complained of it not being user friendly.

Even though Sir Jonathan Ive introduced iOS 7 as an ‘important new direction’, ‘Android-like menus’, ‘cheap and unfamiliar’ were common words amongst apple patrons along with updated app issues.