Three kinds of consumer-grade computer storage:

Internal Storage – A hard drive or solid-state drive (SSD) hosting a computer’s operating systems and programs.

External Storage – External drives that connect to a computer through a peripheral port including USB or Thunderbolt.

Network Attached Storage (NAS) – Connects to a switch or a router to offer storage space and services to the entire network.

Read on to explore few best storage devices:

Synology DiskStation DS1513+

One of the top multiple-bay NAS, this device does well as an advanced storage server and as the central host. Costing in between $869.99 to $899.99, this device is good for home entertainment and business use.

Buffalo DriveStation DDR (3TB)

Priced in between $179.99 to $200.84, this device is the fastest single-volume external drive. It makes USB 3.0 the correct optional storage connection to Thunderbolt.

Corsair Voyager Air (1TB, Red)

Use this device to broaden the storage capacity and features of mobile phones. It comes with a price tag in between $215.99 to $219.99.

OCZ Vector Series SSD (256GB, SATA III, 2.5-inch

Costing in between $277.00 to $388.75, this device is good for those switching to use a hard drive as the main drive of the system.

Seagate Backup Plus (1TB, Blue)

Offering the feature of the GoFlex portable drive, this device adds performance and style to portable storage. Costing $89 to $207.46, it makes a good buy as the best portable backup device.

Synology DiskStation DS412+

A foremost four-bay NAS server for advanced home and small-office networks, this device comes with a price tag ranging in between $609.00 to $1094.03.

WD My Book VelociRaptor Duo

Priced in between $599 to $1175.92, this device offers balanced mixture of brilliant performance, realistic design and fair price.