The last one year for smartphones was a clear divergent one as the center point shifted from ‘who had the most cores’ to ‘who had the better screen size and innovative features’.

Though many smartphones came to limelight, but only some have managed to catch our attention. Here is our pick of top 10:

Sony Xperia Z

Gorgeous design, sharp screen, good camera, speedy performance and dust and water resistant features made Xperia a total outstanding smartphone but at the same time too sharp edges, non-removable battery and speaker volume too low made Xperia a drop out for some.

Sony Xperia V

Good-looking design, IP57 dust- and water-resistance, LTE at an affordable price, snappy dual-core processor and lightweight were some excellent features of Xperia V whereas; 8GB of storage and short battery life were a major letdown.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 LTE

Big 5.5-inch display, fast quad-core processor, Jelly bean, user-friendly software and good battery life for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 are simply outstanding features but the big size and the stylus are somewhat discomforting features for users.

Samsung Galaxy Ace 2

Smooth performance, decent battery life, compact design at cheaper rates are some of the highlights of this impressive smartphone but again, 4Gb onboard storage, flimsy build and slow autofocus made it suitable only for those on a budget.

Apple iPhone 5

Apple iPhone 5 improves on the older version in almost every area like design and weight along with improved camera, fast A6 processor and LTE connectivity. But flaws like poor default maps apps, metal parts susceptible to scratches, lightning connector incompatible with old accessories failed to attract users.

Samsung Galaxy S3 LITE

If anybody loves Samsung products, they would definitely like Galaxy S3.This is still one of the best Android handsets around thanks to its great hardware and some impressive software tweaks. Beautiful high-resolution display, solid but plastic build, fast performance and LTE speeds, great camera and expandable storage are major features of the same. But cost and terrible battery life became a letdown for users.

LG Optimus G2

Vibrant HD display, snappy performance, solid build and adorable design are some very good points of G2 whereas; average camera, embedded 2,100mAh battery, no microSD card slot seem to fail users.

BlackBerry Z10

The BlackBerry Z10’s modern design and features give BlackBerry fans what they’ve hungered for but it’s not quite enough to draw committed iPhone or Android owners. The Z10’s unintuitive gesture paradigm creates a learning curve, and a long list of OS inefficiencies and omissions sour the experience. The bare-bones maps app and a deficit of camera features are two examples.

Nokia Lumia 920

Packed with an incredibly good camera as well as a slick OS, the Lumia 920 could have been a great phone but Glossy material, poor battery life, thick and heavy and lack of quality apps in Windows Store are some of the not so good points for Lumia 920.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini

The Galaxy S3 mini packs some popular features of Samsung’s flagship smartphone in a compact and reasonably priced package. However, if you like shooting and uploading photos, this isn’t the best model out there.