The A3000 proves that Sony’s mirror less cameras have come of age 

Sony’s first foray into the mirror less camera segment was back on 2010. But it is only now that Sony seems to have come up with a mirror less camera called the A3000 that might be truly successful in the mainstream market. The A3000 is expected to be released within the next few weeks – early September.

While mirror less cameras are much lighter and less delicate than ones with mirrors they haven’t really been too well received. This might be because they are much smaller and thus don’t fit in the hand as well as conventional SLRs. The 20MP A3000’s form is more similar to normal SLRs and still has the benefit of being able to use Sony’s E lens mounts. And it is also pretty cheap at only 400$. This is possible because it doesn’t have the expensive mirror mounted system inside of it.

Especially good for first time buyers, the A3000’s price includes an E 18-55 F3.5-5.5 OSS stabilised lens kit. The cheap price tag means buyers will save more or have more of their budget left to spend on accessories.