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Top Android 11 Features We Bet You’ll Love

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Google has officially rolled out Android 11 operating system. Currently available to all Pixel phones, the update will expand to more phones in the coming weeks and months. The new operating system, Android 11 is quite stable than its predecessors and is loaded with over a dozen latest features that make this new version the best yet. Let’s check out the latest Android 11 features for smartphones.

New Android 11 Features

Floating Message Bubbles

Android 11 focuses on making communication fun and interactive. The new bubble feature is quirky, creative and can work on any chat app.  The latest Android feature will allow users to drag the icons for theirvarious Bubbles chats around the screen, or users can also tap on the avatar for the person s/he would like to talk to. Another simple way of activating Bubbles for specific conversations is to long-press on its notification and marking it as a priority.

Redesigned Notifications

What is interesting about Android 11 is that it breaks out and sorts notifications into relevant groups to ensure that they appear at the top in their own easy to read section, thus making it easier to quickly reply and carry on with other tasks. This splitting has indeed added more finesse and transparency as the actual interface has now been altered to ensure there is no lagging.

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Smart Home Controls

With Android 11 the interface that shows up when you long-press the power/sleep button on the side is a lot more useful. It not only shows the usual power, restart and emergency contact options, but also offers easy access to GPay and smart home controls so that all smart home products can be easily switched on or off.

New Media Playback Widget

New media playback widget is another interesting Android 11 feature. This new feature will allow any app playing media on your device to create a widget in your quick settings drop-down menu, complete with colour matched background to the album art. Added bonus is the cute ripple animation that crops up when the play/pause button is pressed.

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Screen Recording

This one is being considered as one of the best Android 11 features till date. Easy to use, the feature will allow easy screen recording.  All you’ll have to do now is to tap on the screen recording quick setting tile, and then you’ll have a pop-up window asking you to confirm whether you want to definitely start recording. once you confirm, it will record whatever you are doing on your phone before you decide to stop and save the footage. This doesn’t mean that you can’t stop the recording. You just have to press the cancel button, and it will stop the recording.  

Smart App Suggestions

Once you update your smartphone with Android 11, you will receive a popup asking if you want to use Google’s auto-generated app dock. This means, Google will itself populate screen with what it thinks you want access to, instead of you having to manually choose the four or five apps you want at the bottom of every home screen.

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New Recent Apps Screen 

With the new Android 11, there has been a positive change to the recent apps screen. The new app screen will allow users to get rid of quick app suggestions. The older preview option has now been replaced with a screenshot/share option.  Another intriguing change is the cards showing thumbnails which now have been made bigger and better.

What’s more, when you swipe a card away to dismiss it/clear it from memory, there’s an undo option that lets you bring it back again when you’ve swiped it accidentally. 

Just Like Yourself, Your Mobile Also Demands Privacy

Single Time App Permissions

To ensure privacy of mobile data, Android 11 comes with this privacy feature. This feature of Android 11 allows you to tell an app that it can only access the location only while the app is in use, thus giving users more control over the apps. The new Android 11 feature enables users to ensure safety and can help in avoiding thefts from hackers.

Easy Voice Access

Last but not the least, Android 11 will allow users to control their phone with their voice. Google’s Voice Access will give you the power to command your phone to compose a new message, open an app, send a tweet, and even make a call. The upgraded Android 11 operating system assigns numbers to certain control elements within the user interface too. This means, for instance, if number ‘1’ is over the ‘Q’ or number ‘9’ over the ‘delete’ button, then the user can just say the number aloud and the operating system will act those commands as if you had pressed them on screen. 

The new Android 11 features have been rolled out for Pixel 2 and other Pixel pones and will soon make their way in other Android phones. Stay tuned to know more about these updated features. Do write to us if you are already using these and drop in your review.

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