Top 5 Ways to Save Battery life on iOS 7 on iPhone 5/5S: Is Android 4.4 Kit Kat a Better OS?


So Apple has finally launched the iOS 7 and it is made available to a range of iDevices. However, a perennial problem smartphone users face is battery drainage. For saving battery when using iOS7, here are some tips you can stick to.

Firstly, turn off the Air Drop feature. This is a new feature introduced in iOS 7. This feature searches for iPhones in the nearby location. If you do not require it, then turn it off. You can also save a lot of the phone’s battery by turning off the phone’s WiFi searching. Many are aware that WiFi searching is a battery eater. If you do not want the phone to continuously search for active WiFi connection, turn it off.

To save your iPhone’s battery, you can dim the screen light. If you have kept the background light of the phone’s screen very bright, it causes much drainage of the phone’s battery. If there is sufficient light to view the screen, then dim the screen’s background light and see how long your phone’s battery lasts.

The 3-D wallpaper on the home screen is a standard feature with iOS 7. This live wallpaper eats a lot of battery. Turn the 3-D wallpaper off since you do not really need it.

In comparison, Android’s latest OS, KitKat is quite good and offers astounding battery life and a good RAM cache.