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Top 5 Vital Features of Macbook Pro 2013: After The Release of OS X Maveriks

Though Apple has not yet confirmed the rumors surrounding the launch date of the MacBook Pro 2013 well as its features and specs, experts have already furnished detailed features that will be seen in the MacBook Pro 2013.

The MacBook Pro 2013 will sport a 4K screen display. If this rumor turns out to be true, then the laptop’s screen will resemble a TV screen with Full HD resolution, enabling views to watch movies and play videos with equal ease.

OS X Mavericks

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It is also highly likely that the MacBook Pro 2013 will have the new Mac OS labeled as OS X Mavericks. Some of the exciting features of this new OS include faster safari, iBook apps and enhanced maps.

With the lunch of the OS Mavericks, users of the MacBook Pro 2013 will also benefit from Thunderbolt 2 that will provide enhanced graphics on the device.

Considering that the MacBook Pro 2013 packs powerful and advanced hardware, it goes without saying that the MacBook Pro 2013’s battery will also be extremely powerful as compared to that of MacBook Pro. If reports are to be believed then, the MacBook Pro 2013’s battery will enable users to work for 12 hours without charging even with intensive usage.

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Mahak Sharma
Mahak Sharma
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