Thinking of picking up a new laptop anytime soon? Have you already checked out the latest ads all over the place for those super-sleek, super-light utlrabooks yet? Are you in two minds about investing some extra moolah in this purchase and picking up an ultrabook instead of a regular laptop? We’ll help you decide if it is the right choice for you, and even offer you advice on some of the best ultrabooks available in the market that you can choose from.

Well, for starters, they are a whole lot sleeker and lighter than the regular laptops. But they don’t just look good from the outside, they are meant to be extremely functional. With long lasting battery life, and higher processor powers as well as tons of storage space, ultrabooks are designed for heavy usage. Add to the fact that ultrabooks have a metallic body that makes them a lot tougher than ordinary notebooks. Intel has conceptualized the ultrabook to be the perfect computing companion for those who are constantly on the move, and prefer using their devices constantly on the batteries.

Here’s a list of the most popular ultrabooks out in the market currently:

Dell XPS 13: Now here’s one that definitely wins in the looks segment. An extremely gorgeous chassis made of carbon fiber; it is also one of the slimmest ultrabooks available today, its slimmest region being only 6mm thick! The Dell XPS 13 is powered by an i5 processor and has 4GB RAM, as well as a 128GM SSD drive. Go for the Dell XPS 13 if you are looking to splurge on your purchase, and are a fan of understated style.

Lenovo IdeaPad U300S: Lenovo’s ultrabooks are extremely stylish and are available in numerous color options. While the company claims up to 8 hours of battery backup on a single charge, we think you could easily use this one for at least 6 hours without worrying about running out of charge. Sporting a 13.3-inch screen, you can choose from Intel’s 3rd generation i5 or i7 processor to power this IdeaPad. Featuring an Intel HD 3000 graphics card and 4GB RAM, you can get 128GB or even 256GB SSD drives in this ultrabook for storage. Extremely light and compact, the IdeaPad is only 0.59 inches thick and weighs a mere 1.33kg.

Asus Zenbook UX31: This is a company that is known for its extremely robust machines to begin with. So when it comes to ultrabooks, Asus does complete justice to Intel’s concept in the form of the Zenbook UX31. Taking inspiration from the Macbook Air, it is just 3mm thick at its thinnest point and goes up to a mere 17mm at its thickest region, and weighs only 1.1kg! The aluminum casing makes the Zenbook quite sturdy and even succeeds in giving a decent 5.5 hours of battery life, thanks to its onboard ultra-low voltage i5 processor. What’s more, the Zenbook also happens to one of the most affordable ultrabooks in the market.

HP Envy 14 Spectre: Now HP’s take on ultrabooks may not be quite as sleek as what the others are offering, but in terms of performance, the Envy 14 Spectre does quite an outstanding job, leaving us all fairly impressed. Featuring Corning’s scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass for its screen and even on its lid, this ultrabook is built to survive excess wear and tear, but at the same time looks elegant and quite distinct from its competition. Powered by an i5 processor and 4GB RAM, and weighing almost 4 pounds, we can forgive HP for making this a little chunkier than its competition for something quite this good looking and functional.

Samsung Series 9: While Samsung may have failed to make a mark initially when it stepped into the laptop market, its range of ultrabooks sure does look promising. The Series 9 features an aluminum shell and a bright high resolution screen, and comes in two models – choose from a screen size of 13 inches or 15 inches. These ultrabooks have an i5 processor, Intel HD 3000 graphics card, and 128GB SSD drive for storage. The 13-inch model is powered by 4GB RAM, while the 15-inch version has 8GB RAM. Both these models provide a decent 4 hours of battery life.