Top 5 Reasons why You Should Upgrade to Samsung Galaxy S5

The much speculated upgrade to GS4, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is here. The device is accessible in colours like copper and blue, as per the carrier. The USB port comes with a cover and case features ergonomic design with better handling safety. Major reason why u should go for Samsung Galaxy S5 are:

  1. Sharper Display

The Galaxy S5 comes with bigger display of 5.1inches. The advanced display makes use of image chip that offers dynamic contrast adjustment and colour gamut. The display tuning offers auto brightness adjustments

  1. Fingerprint Scanner

Similar to iPhone 5, the biometric fingerprint sensor allows you to unlock the device and manage Isis mobile wallet, PayPal and Google Wallet.

  1. Upgraded Camera

The GS5 comes decked with 16MP camera, but the front facing camera is still 2MP. The autofocus spec is lowered to 0.3 seconds. This will lead to sharper images feel instant. The camera capture video recording is supported at 30fps in a crisper 4k format.

  1. Water and Dust Resistant

The S5 comes equipped with fixed focus aqua version camera to take pictures in low light. it can withstand 30 minutes underwater and 3feet under the ground.

  1. Ultra Power Saving Mode

According to Samsung, Ultra Power Saving Mode permits the phone to even run the phone for 24 hours on 10% battery. However, it limits the functioning of processor, stops GPS and W-Fi action after the screen shuts