I almost broke my bank to buy the LG Optimus G Pro but then zoomed onto Apple iPhone 6 which is set to arrive this June. However, before I could bat my eyelid another quick fave popped up on the mart with Google Nexus 6 and I decided to change my mind again. Here are top 5 reasons to sway towards the Nexus 6-

  1. The Nexus 6 is rumoured to come with Gorilla glass and a 5-incher display beefed up with 2K display resolution in high definition.
  2. With a snappy Snapdrgaon of 800-series ad 64-bit chip, the 3GHz closing processor could be a dream come true for smartphone users.
  3. Well to beef things up further the Nexus 6 is said to come with 4 GB RAM. Well, we heard buzz of a 3 GB as well. Either could suffice for me though!
  4. With the latest KitKat version, the Google Nexus 6 could come with an image stabilizer and a high-MP clicker—the number is still under wraps.
  5. The topping on the Nexus 6 cake is he amazing battery life it could have. The battery is set to be of 3200 or 3000 mAh variant.

Need more reasons? We do not!