Yep, crazy as it may sound, there are actually some pretty good reasons to buy the iPhone 5C rather than the iPhone 6! Apple is expected to reveal the iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5S in a few hours and also to release the completed version of the new iOS 7.

The first reason is that the iPhone 5C will be released sooner than the iPhone 6. What this means is that anyone looking to shift to an Apple smartphone, the iPhone 5C will let them start with the latest iOS from tomorrow onwards. And that neatly brings me to the second point, which is price. The iPhone 5C will be the first iPhone made out of plastic and is aimed at the lower end of the smartphone market but will still have the new iOS 7. The iPhone 6 on the other hand will be the flagship iPhone and will be sold at a premium. A big plus for the younger crowd is that the iPhone 5C will not only be cheaper and run iOS 7 but it will also come in a variety of colours, something that no Apple iPhone has offered as of yet!