The heat is raising as analyst smell the details of the next year release iPhone 6. We have already heard a lot about Apple making a move to larger screen with its new release. The few reasons that contribute to the larger display of iPhone 6 include:

  1. The intense competition has left no other option for the brand to raise its display size or rather stand out of the competition
  2. The iPhone 6 is a gigantic phone to be released in the coming year. After the 4 inch screen from the Apple, the next stage will be the similar handset that the company is planning to release.
  3. With a larger display, the phone will receive more demand as compared to its contemporaries. It will make sense for the phone to compete with HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S4 and Xperia Z.
  4. The company has worked on the technicalities and worked on the Retina Display Full HD iPhone 6 large screen
  5. iPhone 6 possesses the skills to feature the best functionality that will make it a perfect option to work as a charmer for the new generation.