For those who have been taking note, it’s an easy call to suggest that the release date for MacBook Pro 2013 could very well coincide with the announcement of iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2.

It has been long rumored that the iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2 will arrive on 22 October. It is also speculated that MacBook Pro 2013, paired with the new OS X Mavericks, will also make an appearance in the same event.

The first heads up comes from the fact that Apple has started training its AppleCare support staff for OS X Mavericks. The staff is being taught all about new features of the new Mac OS.

Apple also recently released software updates related on the MacBook Pro to take care of teething issues such as its poor battery life. Recently, Apple also announced that MacBook Pro 2013 is coming. The company gave a hint about this when they released the latest line of iMacs and MacBook Air.

Interestingly, one could take a peek into these Apple products to speculate the features one can expect from MacBook Pro 2013 release date.