Top 5 Pregnancy Apps: Your Guide Through The Special Phase


Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful stages in any woman’s life. Yet, at times, it can be nerve wrecking. Though midwives and doctors are always there to lend helping hands to the expecting mother, using some smartphone apps can also come handy.

Baby Bump Pregnancy Pro

Top 5 pregnancy women to guide women through this special phase

Compatible with both iOS and Android, this app comprises of social network, pregnancy tracker and toolkit in a single pack. By using this app, expecting mothers can see a complete daily as well as weekly calendar illustrating the growth of the fetus regularly. The kick tracker feature helps in regulating the activity of the baby while the journal records the thoughts, symptoms or mood swings of the mother. Sharing the experiences is also easy with the social network feature. Expecting mothers can also get hold of different photographs, generate baby names or buy different useful products online.


Women looking for pregnancy app compatible with iOS compatibility can opt for iPregnant. This app provides a complete package of information, tools along with journal functions so that expecting mothers can easily track their symptoms as well as growth of the fetus. It also comes with a baby name generator to ease the task of name selection and the community forum feature is also quite impressive. The best part is, the app comes for free.

 WebMD Pregnancy

There is no denying the fact that WebMD has enjoyed the trust of  people for quite long and the WebMD Pregnancy app is compatible with iOS. The app is enriched with information on different topics related to pregnancy, like pregnancy planning, checklists for packing and weekly updates. It also gives idea on what women should ask during medical appointments. Like most of the other app, it also has contraction and kick tracker, pregnancy journal etc.

Pregnancy ++

Compatible with both iOS and Android, this app offers a gorgeous yet easy to use interface. The app is a complete package of different useful information like appointment logs, weight logs, pregnancy timeline, daily journal, contraction and kick timer as well as packing guide. 

Sprout Pregnancy

Download this app for two weeks trial on any iOS or Android platform and get access to features like appointment tracker, contraction timer, kick tracker and packing list. Though this app does not offer any community forums or online platform to share experiences, this is a good choice for women who needs easy to navigate app with basic features.