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Apple Map App Vs Facebook IPO: The Biggest Faux Paus Of The Year


While the year 2012 was exciting with some fun launches—we saw the launch of the new iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy SIII and the mini iPad. We also saw interesting innovations on Facebook and Instagram by the end of the year. However, there were some jaw-dropping moves from major tech players. Here’s some of them that left us wondering…

Facebook IPO:
What created serious buzz in the market before its launch, the IPO Facebook turned out to be a damp squid. The social networking giant has not been able to maintain its initial pricing of $38 a share. Facebook has not been able to convince investors that it has any significant revenue model in place.


Apple Maps AppiOS Maps: Like my colleague says, this one can easily be titled the ‘gag of the year’. Apple did not want to continue with Google Maps on its new iPhone 5. However, their inhouse iOS maps did not manage convincing users. Some people in Australia also lost their way under burning temperatures. The app seems more like a fluke from Apple that has been hurriedly put together to leave Google out of the day. Tough luck that they have had to go back to Google Maps for now. Company sources say they are working on enhancing the iOS maps simultaneously.

Nokia's latest smartphonesNokia’s Strategy: Nokia has not been playing any strategy straight lately. They have been launching the wrong models in incorrect markets. Samsung has swiftly overtaken the Finnish maker as the leader in the cellphone market for 2012. Their share in the cellphone market globally has fallen to 24% from 30% according to IHS iSuppli. While it got it right by engaging Windows 8 on the Lumia range, they went haywire with the pricing.

mass effect extended cutMass Effect Extended Cut: For all gaming lovers out there, the end that BioWare gave to its hugely popular Mass Effect was not appreciated. The ending was twisted and didn’t leave a good taste for die-hard fans of the game. The game did not have sufficient closure and therefore players of the game get the company to eventually release and extended end to the game. That one has not given gamers relief either.


Xperia T, Xperia TX, Xperia V Jelly Bean UpdateSony Xperia Jelly Bean Update: Sony had its foot in the wrong door. After announcing that it would be making a Jelly Bean update to a number of phones, the company did not actually do that for a fairly long. A statement even said that there will be no update till 2013. Only last week did some Sony Xperia T users start receiving Jelly Bean updates.