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Top 5 Free Language Learning Platforms in 2020

The experience of learning a new language is both personally enriching and professionally gratifying. Especially if you have any plans to move to a foreign country for education or better career opportunities, knowing their language provides you a definite edge. Even if you are not a 100% sure of the idea at the moment, we have you covered.

We do understand that learning a foreign language can often feel a bit intimidating. However, with tons of free online language learning apps and websites, you got nothing to lose. Thanks to all the online places, you no longer need to hire a tutor or chip in cash to explore. Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic has left us struck in the confines of our homes.  Learning a new language will not only allow you to be productive but will also allow you to have some time outside of work for a change.

We have compiled for you a list of best language learning websites andapplications in 2020 that are available for free –


Duolingo is easily one of the most popular language learning platforms among enthusiasts wanting to learn a new language for free. The app is available for free on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. However, users can also upgrade for Duolingo Plus for offline courses and ads-free experience. The app offers courses in several popular languagesincludingGerman, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch,and Portuguese. Additionally, its list of available language courses also includes Vietnamese, Greek, Swedish, Irish,Russian, Polish, Turkish, Esperanto, Danish, Ukrainian, Welsh, Hebrew, Norwegian, and Hungarian.

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While most online language learning platforms require you to learn on your own, HelloTalk offers an engaging way to learn new languages. It connects you with native speakers of your selected language. Additionally, it also offers an in-app correction tool during to facilitate learning during the conversations. Moreover, it also includes an assistive translation tool for help whenever you are struggling to find the right word in your new language. Notably, the platform offers learning in more than 100 native languages and has more than 10 million users. Moreover, you can also pose questions to the larger audience in the selected lingual communitythrough your public posts.


Memrise might be a little less popular but it is a must have for anyone who is planning to learn new languages. One of the most impressive features about Memrise is its library of more than 200 available language courses. Often we explore some amazing language learning platforms only to be disappointed that it does not offer courses in the one language you wish to learn. Interestingly, as its name subtly hints the app uses memes making the process of memorising new vocabulary even more engaging and fun.


The free language learning software allows you to learn various languages including Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Hebrew, French, German, English as well as Arabic. Besides its cross-platform flashcard programme, Anki language learning platform supports all forms of content including audio, video, images as well as scientific mark-ups to practise and memorise the new language.

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Mango Languages

Mango Languages offer you access to more than 60 languages through its unique film-based language and culture learning system. You can use either of its website or mobile app or access to access its language learning courses. Notably, it offers access to a wide range of courses for languages including English, Irish, Spanish, Hawaiian,Punjabi, Icelandic, Scottish Gaelic, Tuvan, Yiddish and many more.

Do try out these apps and also share your experience of learning new languages with these online platforms.

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