Top 5 budget phones of 2014Sure, the iPhones and Galaxy S3s of the world might have many takers. There are still billions of buyers out there who would much rather buy budget phones. Sure, they might not have the finest make, but they are often loaded with features without costing you a bomb. Here are some of the best budget phones to buy in 2014:

Motorola’s Moto G: This Motorola phone is known to be featured with Android operating system and is known to be available with a display screen of 4.5 inches. For a phone of 8 GB internal storage capacity, the price is $179 and for 16 GB internal memory storage capacity, the price may go up to $20. This is an ideal phone for gaming purpose and has great internet speed as well.

Samsung’s Galaxy Light: This Android phone has a screen of 4 inches and can connect in a fine way to the 4G networks. As it is featured with removable backpanel, you can change the battery or the memory card easily. This amazing device is available at a rate of $240.

Lumia 520 and Lumia 521: Both these Nokia smartphones are available with 4 inch display screen and 5 megapixel camera. They are featured with 4G connectivity and also include removable batteries. The Lumia 520 is available at a price of $99 and the Lumia 521 is available at a price of $126.

Google’s Nexus 5: With this smartphone you can enjoy an amazing Android experience. Even though it is available at a rate of $349, the specifications are brilliant. The camera, storage capacity and various other features of this device are known to be excellent.

Motorola’s Moto X: This device is known best for it’s battery life. Currently through the Motorola website, you can buy this device only for a rate of $329. The best thing about this phone is that it is always-on listening ability.

All the budget phones mentioned above are sure to prove to be a worthy buy.