Top 5 Best News App in India for Android and iPhone

best news app in India

Do you remember the last time you had the luxury of sitting down with a cup of coffee to relish and a newspaper to keep you updated? No, right! That’s why the world is zeroing on these best news app in India for busy people. Most of us are prey to the Compulsive Doing Syndrome. Where you don’t have time for family, you keep adding tasks to your lists but you never check them off. We don’t have time to watch films, to play board games or even to call our friends.

One of the greatest habits that’s being left out is newspaper. Reading newspapers has become a thing of past as smart devices have become our closest friend. Luckily, there are numerous apps available for iOS and Android phones. Many of the new apps are free to download while some give you great benefits with a small subscription fee.

We’ve selected these Top 5 best news app in India for busy people keeping a few parameters in mind. Firstly, they should be user friendly, they can personalise your newsfeeds, and they have pleasing smartphone displays.

Top 5 best news app in India for Android and iPhone:

1. Google News

We had to start with Google News. It should come as no surprise that the search engine giant is also one of leaders in news app game! Google news is quite intuitive and personalises your new feed according to your search engine history. It even brings local news to your smartphone based on your location.

In addition to reading the headline, you can read the relevant article by hitting the full coverage button that follows each headline card. And if you want to go premium, there is an option for that as well. Download Google news here.

2. AP News

best news app in India

The AP News app brings you news from around the world via the Associated Press’ network. The app’s photo gallery is amazing and customers can also opt in for customised news alerts based on the topic of their choice.

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3. Reuter’s News


This news network needs no introduction. They have one of the biggest news networks with their reporters spread over in 180 countries. You can go global or follow local news based on your choice. One of the great features is that the app comes with an offline mode to read news even without an internet connection.

4. Inkl

The Inkl app offers an array of news content form a variety of premium sources. This is a paid app, with a monthly subscription fee of $15. With the fee come a bunch of benefits. The interface is ad-free and you can read specially curated content. For readers, who don’t want a full subscription, there is an option to pay 10 cents for each article that they want to read. You can subscribe to Inkl here.

5. Feedly

Feedly follows the traditional RSS reader news feed. Once the user has signed up, the readers can read news and follow their favourite websites or blogs. You can pay $7 monthly to unlock more features like offline content downloading.

Download Feedly here.

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