Young and hip teenage girls know how to enjoy the good things in life. At the same time, they know how to handle themselves at their tender age. These days, what’s helping them more are the many apps available easily on their phones. Here are the top apps that every teen queen must have:

Top 5 Apps For Teen GirlsTumblr: The best app to have on the phone, it lets teen girls post anything they stumble upon—from snaps to stories and even GIFs and videos. Curate content or even post your own content—the app lets you do anything your mood wants.

Hairstyle Lite+: Choose from different hairstyles and see how you will look in them using this app. A dream for every teen girl, it lets her experiment without having to snip those tresses.

Color Splash: Wonder how those lovely profile pics with only a part in color, came to be? Well, try Color Splash and add texture, tints and hues to any picture—in any way you want.

Period Plus: A very useful app that actually lets careless teens keep track of their period date with a list of their own symptoms. Easy to use and insightful for those times when you simply forget the date and a big event is near!

Cupcakes: Teenage girls might have stumbled upon baking as a hobby. This apps lets them explore recipes, see how the final product should look and also check out tricks from experts cupcake makers—all on one app!