Every one of us admires Apple devices and its accessories. Right from cases to decals, the accessories for Apple is surely a dime a dozenWhen you are the proud owner of a Macbook Air, you want to ensure that it has just the right look and feel. You also want to personalize it to look like your baby. Right from cases to decals, there are many MacBook accessories you can get. Here are the top 5 accessories you can buy for your Macbook Air:

1. Nifty Mini Drive

If you feel the memory storage of 128GB or 256GB on your MacBook is quite low, you can get a Nifty Mini Drive and add 64GB more to your storage. While the traditional SD cards stand out of the MacBook when inserted, this SD card flushes inside the body offering a clean look.

2. ZenDock

This is a fabulous cable Management equipment that allows you to remove your messy cables. It comes with Ethernet, speaker, microphone, USB, Firewire, and Mini Display Port, offering a look that just one cable it affixed to the MacBook.

3. Snuglet

This metallic device comes within the MacBook charger port. It has the ability to resist the power cable from getting pushed out or down! It can easily be removed via a paperclip hook and the usage doesn’t obstruct charging. It is perfect for those uneven surfaces.

4. mTower

mTower allows you to save your desk space using 1/3rd of your MacBook footprint. Even when the MacBook is docked, nothing interferes with the performance of the device. Crafted with anodized aluminium built, the slim mTower doubles as a heating sink for the laptop.

5. Landing Zone

A desktop dock that permits you to leave your USB and other peripherals in place while taking away your MacBook from the desk. The top-notch Landing one 2.0 PRO comprises of 4 Superspeed USB 3.0, Ethernet port, Mini Display port, Kensington Security Slot. It comes with its own power adapter when you use all the ports at the same time.