While you are busy using apps on your phone to enhance battery, manage fitness or use interesting things, here’s something you might have missed. There are many apps that you can use to make working easier. We look at the top 5 business apps that make daily work a real breeze.

Here are top 5 highly recommended business apps:

Dropbox: It gets annoying when you lose your files while writing or editing. Dropbox automatically syncs your file and stores it for viewing next time. It offers upto 2 GB storage. You can also save your files and videos for an additional space of 3GB. You can buy more space by shelling out a few dollars. I save all my data in Dropbox and I think there is nothing better than this when it comes to storing digital files.

Mint.com:  Want someone else to a keep track of your spending and saving, let Mint.com  do it. The app tells you how to save money and creates a monthly budget based on your needs.

Trip It:  For those who are  regular business travellers, Trip It is a must have app. It lets you plan and share your itineraries. What you need is send the emails of different bookings to plans@tripit.com and it will organize everything for you.

Adobe Reader: This is another app which lets you read and access files comfortably. It helps you highlight, underline and strike off the unwanted things. The best part, it allows to you to add a signature as well.

Microsoft Office: Be prepared to open files in different formats with the Microsoft Office app for phones and tablets. It includes Word, Powerpoint and Excel with large and convenient buttons.