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Apps That Help You Stay Fit

Sedentary and busy lifestyles have made staying healthy difficult. Luckily, there are many apps on our phones that can help us to lead a health lifestyle. We bring to you the top 3 apps, which are a must download if you enjoy good health. A bible for medicines offers authentic information on drugs and medicines. Find the accurate uses and formulations of medicines with this app.

With a 4-star rating on app stores, this app is highly recommended.  Users can also customize the app depending on their needs and the medicines they are taking. Also find relevant information on advice and drug use.

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My Diet Coach: With a 4.5 star rating on app stores, My Diet Coach pushes you to lose those extra kilos. It sends regular reminders on what to eat and what not to. The apWhole Foods Market Appp also allows users to put pictures and constantly inspire themselves.

My Diet Coach also helps users to keep a journal. One can pen down the daily exercise routine in relation with the diet.

Whole Foods Market: Hate junk food? Then this is the place for you. The apps offers 3,7000 recipes that can be made from whole foods, which is directly related to a healthy lifestyle. With this app you can enjoy a fusion of health and taste. Mark your favorite dishes and maintain a recipe book for yourself with this app.

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All these apps are free and are available both on iOS and Android. With these, you have all the reasons to stay fit.

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