Apple MacBook Air just joined the league of netbooks and has proved to be a better notebook. At the same time, Sony has come up with Vaio Pro 13 Touch that can give any ultrabook a tough competition. So which is a better amongst the two…

  1. Speaking about the design, Viao Pro 13 features an essentially thin design that even beats MacBook Air. The design and size makes it easy for the travellers to fit it into any bag. The Pro 13 is well designed with carbon fiber guaranteeing long life with consumer oriented look and elegant appeal.
  2. Pro offers greater resolution as compared to MacBook Air. It comes with 1920 x 1090, HD 1080p and IPS screen while MacBook comes with 1440x 900 pixel resolutions.
  3. Talking about the performance of Viao Pro 13, it renders an exemplifying performance featuring that 4th Gen Intel Core i5-4200U processor along with 128GB SSD. While MacBook Air comes with 1.3Ghz dual core Intel Core i5 along with 3MB L3 cache plus.

Thus, all the three aspects make Viao Pro 13 Touch better than the Apple MacBook Air.